Michael Roe & Jan Eric | 77s Unplugged Tour

77s Unplugged featuring Michael Roe & Jan Eric

Dear Friends,

We regret to report the 77s Unplugged tour has been indefinitely postponed due to recent events surrounding the Coronavirus. We explored every possibility in the hopes of finding a safe way to pull off this tour, but in the end the health and well-being of fans, promoters, and Michael and Jan outweigh any temporary disappointment we’ll all certainly be feeling from this news. Hopefully at some point in the near future when we’re all on the other end of this, we can try again.

For those that purchased advance tickets, if you haven't already received a refund, please visit the website of your point of purchase and/or contact your local promoter for instructions on how to receive your refunds.

As a thank you for all the love and support, Michael, Jan and their friend Steve Broderson put together a re-recording of “Caught In An Unguarded Moment” as a gift to each and every one of you. The recording is “pay what you want” and can be accessed at the link below. For those willing and able, please consider donating “above and beyond” as each donation will go towards recouping the significant losses from canceling this tour.


Thanks again for your continued support - and please take care.

Michael, Jan & Lo-Fidelity Records

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